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Some of the disadvantages that are associated with online retailing pertain to the facts that not all users are able to access the internet as opposed to the postal system. As a result they find catalogue shopping much more feasible instead of shopping from on online retailer. The users also find the computer technology and the internet complex to use.

Aside from this the trustworthiness of the e-tailor and the security and privacy concerns of the customers pertaining to their financial transactions are also the lingering disadvantages of online retail in the retail market today. “While e-commerce has witnessed extensive growth in recent years, so has consumers’ concerns regarding ethical issues surrounding online shopping.” (Roman, 2007) The personalization of the online shopping experience on part of the retailer is often subjected to being an invasion of the privacy of the customer by the customers.  The online payment transaction itself also posses many problems for the customers who think of it to be less reliable, more unsecured with the private account and financial information easily traceable for the hackers and identity thieves.

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Essay: Issues with E-tailing
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