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The major issue with the Oracle was that it did not have a dedicated module to manage RMA which was the core business activity of Maxima and had the management shown trust in their evaluation team as proposed by the team JD Edwards was the instant solution to this problem. As with the new system the users had to create a line item for goods returned which required a lot of data input thus it was prone to errors. This took extra time and also extra workers to input the data thus incurring extra costs for the organization on the whole.

This is a classic example of the trickle down effect since one wrong decision of the management trickled to the end users causing irreparable losses in terms of motivation of staff and also money throughout the organization. Similarly, the finance module in Oracle used weighted average whereas, the legacy system used FIFO and despite reluctance from the finance department they were forced to try the new module which was difficult for them to adapt and also inefficient since FIFO was more effective for the system and they made sure the legacy system was reinstalled thus causing a waste of time and money. The new system had tedious workarounds and the tasks were comparatively more time taking although the management expected the opposite.

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Essay: Issues with implementing ERP at Maxima
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