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High flexibility of the process also encourages high level of customization for the customers. The other aims of the new JIT pertain to enforcing concurrent production, and strengthen the capability of the function to be autonomous in terms of performing management and maintenance tasks. The final aim of the new JIT is to develop intelligent operators through employee training, skills enhancement which results in a production system which is highly intelligent and well collaborated.

“In the future, reformation of production workshops by transforming production processes and facilities, and evolution of the TPS for improved quality assurance utilizing digital engineering will be required. By using these four core aims to ensure the same level of quality worldwide at optimum global production locations, the authors established a manufacturing technology for global production considering production processes and facilities by proposing and implementing TPS-LAS, which aligns optimum levels of process management, production technology, human management and high linkage of business processes when commencing global production systems at both domestic and overseas plants. In this paper, the authors give a report of this technology.” (Sakai & Amasaka, 2006, p128)

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Essay: JIT system in Toyota Production System
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