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The more resisting members however were shot. Some selective member of the cult however managed to escape the suicide by hiding and escaping the guards appointed by Jim Jones. Jim Jones himself was killed by gunshot, however it is still undetermined whether it was murder or a painless suicide on his part.

The element of conformity was very apparent in the Jonestown Massacre as the presence of a cult and the acceptance of the violations of human rights, along with the willingness to commit suicide as well as mass murder depicts the need and desire to conform to the situation and attain acceptance form Jim Jones and his group of followers which formed a specific social group.  This added with the delusional behavior on part of Jim Jones, the paranoia and the grandeur of his position as the leader of secluded sect made the person feel powerful enough to control the lives of others around him as he willed.

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Essay: Jonestown Massacre Explained
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