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The leadership of the diverse workforce is often very challenging mostly due to the influence if the diversity element. The problems that companies are faced with by developing leadership with diverse workforces pertain to development of single work ethic, the establishment of workplace authority, establishing trust and garnering commitment, creating a work and life balance, while developing new work configurations for people with different backgrounds (McCuiston et al., 2004).

The Westpac Company also took initiatives to include the diverse workforce in the leadership. The older employees are often more productive, with a depth of experience and knowledge (Robbins and Coulter, 2006). As a result they make good leaders who can patiently and effectively lead their teams and subordinates who are mope involved in their work and produce a higher quality of work than their younger counterparts. Diversity based leadership at and the leading position of the company in the aspect of workforce diversity is evident form the fact that 52 percent of the employees of the company come from ethnically diverse backgrounds, while 43 percent of managers in the company are women which is much high than the 26 percent average of the banking industry for women in roles of leadership. Similarly the company is the employer of choice for women, while the future goals and objectives of Westpac pertain to becoming a leader in a global leader in corporate social responsibility. The leadership development strategies that can be employed in a diverse workforce environment pertain to the employment of better communication between the supervisors and the subordinates in the organization through program such as mentoring and personal growth (Sadri and Tran, 2000).

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Essay: Leadership for Diverse Workforce
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