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Originally the employee turnover for the company was very high; however the company has employed strategies to reduce the turnover of its employees. These strategies pertain to better placement at the jobs, providing education and training to the employees as well as providing them with opportunities of promotion through increased work performance and value based results. As for gender based ratios, the company was highly male oriented in terms of its employees initially however with the passage of time and the changes in the work environment there is now a more stabilized and equal ratio of employment for both genders.

The main objective of the Anheuser-Busch company is to enable its products regarding beers and beverages to be present everywhere in every market. The achievement of this objective can be determined through the balanced scorecard approach. “The ERM takes an enterprise-wide focus by strategically looking at risks in a coordinated, consistent manner. The balanced scorecard is the most common strategy-based performance management system and is widely used to link an organization’s mission and strategy to performance measures and strategically aligned initiatives. The ERM and balanced scorecard systems share many elements. A balanced scorecard system may provide a unique platform for an enterprise to leverage an existing infrastructure to reap the benefits of the ERM” (Beasley, Chen, Nunez, & Wright, 2006)

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Essay: Learning & Growth at Anheuser-Busch Company
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