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The learning and growth section of the balanced score card analysis provides the company with specific measures with which it can determine the change and the evolution in the company in terms of its organizational culture, its orientation and the human resource investment. For the Anheuser Busch Company the work environment in the company is very dynamic and innovative. The company has established itself in the global market as an entity which encourages diversity in its workforce and even goes as far as to encourage it.

The employees moreover are rewarded for their efforts and talent according to the profit and revenue as well as the value that they bring in to the company. The revenue per employee for the company was recorded in 2007 as $543,892, while the Net Income per employee was at $46,818. The industry average for the income per employee for 2007 was at $24,920 and the revenue per employee average for the industry in which Anheuser Busch operates was at $248,905. On both accounts the revenue ratio per employee for the Anheuser Busch Company was more than 30 percent higher than the industry average for the ratio. Additionally the asset turnover for the company was at 0.97.

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Essay: Learning Perspective applying balanced score card
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