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The main problem however was not the reputation of the company, but its operations. The adverse reputation of the company in the eyes of the customers was mostly due to the operations of the company being inefficient and lacking the standard quality and accountability that is required in the profession.

This was inherent basically in the fund transfer business here there was a existent ambiguity as to whether the customer or the bank was responsible for the origin for certain errors. It was common for a customer to deny that he had given wrong information in initiating a transfer by telephone, which resulted in the production of a perverse situation in which a transfer that the bank executed perfectly produced was regarded as a bank error instead of being a error on part of the customer themselves. The marketing department was not in the favor of handling these situations in a strict manner as they wanted to keep the customers happy and as a result the bank was mostly to blame even for the problems that were caused by the customers or were resultant of the customers providing incomplete, insufficient or incorrect information.

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Essay: Lectrobank at Stake
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