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The problems being faced by the company were that the customers of the business were very high profile with surmountable status and connections. As a result if they felt that their account was being mishandled or that they were being provided inferior quality of products and services then they did not used to hesitate in writing up a formal complain and lodging it to the president of the company. This made the employees and the managers in the company very prone to rectification and scrutiny as the president’s staff expected specific resolutions to be provided to the customer and tight time schedules.

Another thing was that although the LectroBank and the Morton were involved in providing the same services to the customers, the customers shared different views regarding these two entities. They regarded Morton as the most prestigious organization for corporate banking while LectroBank despite being larger in size to Morton was regarded as an inefficient institution which dealt with operations in an aggressive and brash manner which should not be characteristic of institutions providing corporate finance services to other corporations in the business context. The other view shared by the customers that they expected Morton’s performance to be flawless and LectroBank to be ragged – and, consequently, that is how comparative evaluations often came out, regardless of the facts

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Essay: LectroBank Facing Issues
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