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The company/ account officers tend to usually admit that the error must have taken place in the operation function of the company. In certain cases the company does take up to three days to acknowledge the complaint, and then eight more to agree that something is actually wrong. After settling the issue in about two weeks to two months time the company then again tends to negotiate over the penalty interest which keeps on growing with the increase in the time spent with dealing with the issue.

The employees of the company themselves stated that the account officers harbor a second class citizen approach and perception regarding the employees in the operations department of the business thinking them to be inferior to themselves. Their regard of the operations’ people being low grade workers makes them less communicative to the personnel in the operations department which results in the operations department being handed down unclear and incomplete information for the processing of the orders. Moreover this attitude of the also results in the account officers being less aware of the business at the ground level and how the order processing function effects the customers make them inefficient when they provide any kind of advice to the customer regarding their corporate accounts and orders or transactions.

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Essay: Lectrobank’s Communication Drawbacks
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