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The strategy initially was different and had to be changed over the years in order to meet the demands of the changing dynamics of the marketing environment. The strategy was to provide the best at affordable prices but eventually the strategy had to be changed to a low cost one in order to drive sales.

  • The strategy was product focused only ignoring the needs of the customers which shows that simply highly quality products do not satisfy customer needs. Customer needs are essential to fulfil since the word-processing industry is not about past records rather its about meeting the customer needs at the right time and the companies that do meet customer needs at the right time reap profits and grow in the long run.
  • Our strategy was good but the implementation was not appropriate since gradually changing the product in response to the customer needs and also while preparing the customers for the changes would have reaped better results in terms of profits and growth. A risk management analysis on a prior basis would have helped devise a better strategy.
  • The change strategy we adopted was costlier comparatively since changes in product features require investments. Rather a good product with more investment in marketing or in other words a marketing oriented strategy would have worked better.

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Essay: Lessons learned from the Marketing Game
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