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The limitations of ecommerce for HMV pertain to the following

  1. The ecommerce option lacks the element of touch and feel and the experience of the product and service
  2. The high cost of hiring technicians and ecommerce/ internet advertisers and experts
  3. The increased risk to the site form hackers and malicious third parties
  4. The restriction imposed by government to adhere to the rules and regulations for ecommerce operations.
  5. The lack of privacy on the internet.
“The greatest limitation of ecommerce is the lack of touch and feel online. People can not physically inspect products. The Internet is cold, faceless, and impersonal. The lack of human interaction subtracts the emotional elements in the sale. It is impossible to interactively persuade or overcome objections. A website must communicate those emotions that empower people to buy. It must also direct visitors to take action because the Web is more a direct marketing process than it is a medium. All boils down to words. They must appeal to specific buyer motives, impel and compel action, make websites (and their offers) truly irresistible.” (Fortin, ‘So What’s in it For Me?’)

Some managers regard ecommerce is a fad and not a permanent thing. However this is in fact not true as ecommerce is definitely a viable and permanent alternative of retailing. As a result HMV’s investment in its ecommerce website is worthwhile and beneficial in the long run, especially as its competitors and taking over its markets share by offering their services through ecommerce websites.

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Essay: Limitations of Ecommerce for HMV
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