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The government of UK has been updating and revising the laws and legislature pertaining to discrimination however the implementation of the laws pertaining to discrimination on the basis of race, gender and disability and age especially in the employment sector and the transport sector has been increasing exponentially. The reason for this is that before the implementation of the Anti discrimination laws, the discrimination was indulged in by people on a very open basis. Now people re discreet when they undertake or perform discriminatory actions. As a result little or no evidence can be collected against them leaving the discriminated party handing in for justice.

“A law which focuses solely on treating everyone the same sends the clear message that if people fail after receiving equal treatment this is the result of their own personal limitations and choices. It fails to adequately recognize that artificial barriers (such as unnecessary job criteria, rigid dress codes or inflexible work practices;) need to be removed to create a more level playing field. In some circumstances additional support (such as childcare or supplementary training schemes) is needed to provide genuinely equal opportunities.” (‘Discrimination, 2006’, p4) Moreover the present discriminatory laws pertaining disability require the disabled or challenged persons o actually adhere to the fact that they are disabled and should be willing to seek the facilities provided by the law. However in most cases this is not the case which results in the laws being impotent as no jurisdictions can be set in the case. “In some situations pure prejudice and stereotypical assumptions are involved. However, more often disabled people need different treatment – ‘reasonable adjustments’ – to have genuine equality of opportunity.” (‘Discrimination’, 2006, p4)

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Essay: Limitations of Legislation on Discrimination
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