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Inherently there were no specific limitation in the research process, however as there were two channels employed for gathering information from the respondents; this could affect the response rate and response attitude of the participants. This limitation would reduce the applicability of the findings of the research and the relevance of the analyzed results to Singapore Airlines. Another limitation of the study that can be highlighted is the scope of the study. The study is limited to the service quality measurement for the Singapore Airlines from the point of view of the customers. The perception of the customers in terms of their service quality expectations are focused upon as well as their satisfaction level form their experience of the services offered by Singapore Airlines.

For the purpose of the primary research undertaken for the dissertation, certain assumptions were employed to make the research practical and doable in the tie frame and restricted conditions of operations. These assumptions main pertained to the fact that it was assumed that if a respondent who has traveled via Singapore Airlines at least once is able to justifiably and coherently respond on the questionnaire deployed for the purpose of the research. In reality it might be possible that a onetime experience might not have been so lasting for a customer to be able properly comment on the service quality of Singapore Airlines. However in order to reduce the risk, it was clarified that the respondents should have traveled via the Singapore Airlines at least once in the past 12-18 months.

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Essay: Limitations of the Research on Singapore Airlines
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