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Wyle has organized her book in a chronological format while tracing the development of conflicts in America starting its position I the 17th century to present dayAmerica. This feature of the book enables students to be able to compare the different issues pertaining to race, social class, and gender that were predominant in the various stages of American history and compare them against the status and the stance of these issues in present day America.

Moreover the book makes use of archives of periodical, internet based sources, contribution from author well known writers as well as personal diaries and literary sources. This aids in creating an experience for the readers whereby they share the experience of the different races in the ensuring conflicts that have shaped America to become the multicultural society that it is today. Excerpts from trials and speeches that have been included in the book enable the reader to get to develop a well rounded view and comprehension of the laws, regulation, attitudes as well as the political scenarios that are at play in Modern America.

The book ‘Revisiting America, Readings in Race, Culture, and Conflict’ by Susan Wyle is a literary price of work that is source of immense knowledge providing insight into how societies develop over time and what factors influence the structure of the society in the modern world. The main proposition that can be derived from the book pertaining to how to deal with the racial, cultural and discrimination issues n any society pertain to increasing the level of tolerance and being empathetic as this strategy is best suited to resolving ethnic differences nad issues related to them.

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Essay: Literary Work by Susan Wyle
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