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For the purpose of the question, a introduction research of literature in the topic of marketing strategies employed by retailers in the international market was conducted. The search terms that were employed were ‘successful marketing strategies for retailers’ and ‘marketing strategies and retailers’.

The search results that were presented through the intermediary search through the online library depicted high level of variance amongst themselves as well as from the research subject/ topic. The highest rated literature presented by the library pertained to cigarette advertising and promotion in retail stores and the female apparel industry in the retail sector (Feitelberg, 2008). However the relevant results pertained to the employment of multi-channel marketing strategies (Quinn, 2008) customization of marketing strategies by retailers according to the local market (Murphy, 2008), the innovations in retail marketing as well as marketing strategies employed by retailers to contain switching and increase loyalty amongst the consumers. (Kocas, 2008), (Cuthbertson & Bridson, 2006)

All in all results that came about from the research were not to braid nor too narrow in scope. Moreover from the research conducted, I had the option of selecting the papers which were more relevant to by dissertation topic, which greatly increased in effectiveness of the research as I went about looking for papers which were of more significance to by dissertation topic.

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