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Through the paper we have been able to establish that the Starbucks Company has had a multiple dimensioned success and failure in terms of its mission statement. The company has been able to become a highly profitable venture, establish itself as a prime coffee provider in the global market, build on its contribution to the communities and the environment and has also been able to deploy and maintain a culturally diverse and viable workforce in its operation.

Moreover the company has also established a very large base of satisfied and loyal customers. However due to its success and globalization strategies, the company has not been able to keep its ‘cafe’ characteristic which was the essence of the original venture. Moreover the ambiance and the experience, which was originally offered by the company, has dramatically changed resulting in dissatisfied customers who used to be brand loyal.

Aside from this the according to customer reviews and customer satisfaction surveys, the Starbucks company is currently offering products which are being charged at a high premium, making them exorbitantly expensive while the quality of the products has degraded. The richness of the quality has been diluted and the taste of the coffee has changed due to the use of commercial large scale brewing machines.

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Essay: Main Findings of Research on Starbucks
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