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The main issue in the case of Malden Mills and factory as the aftermath of the devastating fire which was faced by Aaron Feuerstein was to reestablish and restart the company, literally from the ashes, by making the burnt down section of mills and the factory functional again after reconstruction and development. The goodwill, the financial position as well as the reputation of the company in the market was at stake and in order to protect the company from crashing as a result of the devastating fire it was an urgent issue to have the mill and the factory up and running in the shortest amongst of time possible.

The remnants of the fire and its effects had to be cleared away while infrastructure of the mill had to be rebuilt, along with the furnishing of the mill and the induction of new machinery and plant in the factory to replace the ones which had been lost in the fire. Similarly the issue faced by Feuerstein after the fire was to have access to resources that could help the company rebuilt itself while provide better returns in the future to cover for the losses in the current and next few months.

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Essay: Major Issue in the Case of Malden Mills
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