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The main factors that make the restaurant operations efficient, effective as well as productive include careful planning for the goals and objectives of the restaurant, strategy development and implementation of the strategies as well as a strong monitoring and development system which uses customer feedback (Gomes et al., 2007) to improve the operations of the restaurant.

The strategic decisions that would be required in order to ensure impeccable delivery of service quality ad food to the customer pertain to determining which staff is able to perform in which capacity under variant environmental conditions. The successor chain needs to be built and an internal competition on a weekly or a monthly basis needs to be put in to ensure the attitude of the staff is to keep on growing in terms of their service quality and performance. Another decision that need to be made pertains to retain and train which of the staff, and to let go the staff which is not able to perform up the level of service quality that is required by a five star high profile restaurant.

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Essay: Making the Restaurant Productive
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