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The option available to the company is to act as it did before by compensating the injured and the disabled while providing job security to the employees. The company could employ those workers willing to work by employing them in the redevelopment of the mill and the factory while salaries for the coming months could be provided to the employees, regardless of their current work status.

This would enable the company to get back on their feet in a shirt amount of time as the workers would be committed and loyal to the company, while being motivated to restart the operations with renewed force and dedication. The company could as a result see higher productivity from the workers in the coming months along with better response from the local community. Moreover the reputation and goodwill of the company would be positively affected and the other stakeholders like business partners, creditors and customers would also have trust in the organization after the way it treats its employees. As a result this is a much better and suitable option.

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Essay: Malden Mill has Options
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