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The Malden Mills case is a popular one embarking on the involvement of good work ethic, humanity and the basic rights of people helping people through the bad times. “The ethics dilemma derives from the perceived conflict between the traditional corporate objective of profit maximization and the overall desire for increased social welfare. Although ethically responsible business practices are generally desired, opinions about what these practices are and how they should be encouraged are diverse. The complexity of the current business environment complicates the development and implementation of resolutions to ethical issues facing industry” (Klien, 1991).

However Aaron Feuerstein through his ethical decision making following a major fire at his main mill facility made a historical decision which was termed humanitarian, ethical as well profitable in the long run for the company.  The case of Malden Mills depicts that even though the situation may be desperate and no solution can be profitable but to abandon the situation and the project, it is still possible to salvage from the remains, of a fire in the case of Malden Mills, and build a new and better business, not just for long term profitability, but to support the people and the stakeholders involved. The case of Malden Mills has presented Aaron Feuerstein as a prime example of how non-traditional ethical decision making on the part of the senior management can bring about positive changes for the company through innovation and dedication.

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Essay: Malden Mills Case
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