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The management approach taken by Merck to handle the situation pertained to denial before the issue became public and then product recall in the after the issue was exposed. The company was made aware of the health risks regarding increasing cardiovascular failures like heart attacks and strokes that had double the chance of occurring in people who took the Vioxx drug.

The initial research conducted before the FDA approval revealed this while a study conducted in early 2000 conducted by Merck also indicated similar results. However the company still did not realize the issue and proceeded with a dismissive and denial stance. However in 2002 a study termed APPROVe revealed the same results that Vioxx increased the chances of heart attacks and strokes in patients by doubling it and this was when the company realized their mistake and called back the drug from the market. However by now millions of customers of Merck had taken the drug over the years and any number of deaths by heart attacks could be attributed to the drug.

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Essay: Management Approach on Vioxx Catastrophe
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