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The company managed the issues highlighted for the crisis stage as well as those which occurred post crisis in a remarkable manner. In order to safeguard the reputation and the goodwill of the company the decision was made to rebuild the mill and the factory in an innovative manner while employing the workforce to contribute to its development. For the three months following the incident salaries and benefits were provided to the employees and workers despite the fact that they were not working. This meant that the company gave out a 1.5 million dollar payout in the form of salaries and benefits to support its employees during the time of the crisis.

The case was dealt with in a highly ethical and mutually beneficial manner whereby the company managed the stakes of the stakeholders as well proving them with financial security as well as prospective growth in terms of their returns on their investments. As a result by way of recommendation it is stated that the company which is a powerful entity on its own should be responsible for its actions as well as its stakeholders, and as a result the company should provide financial as well as career support to the employees of the company, while the customers and the creditors have to be compensated by paying them their dues. Similarly in order to maintain economic favorability in the region and avoid large scale unemployment the company should retain its employees until they can commence work again.

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Essay: Management of the Issue; Malden Mill Case
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