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The management structure in both the companies was also significantly different. The management structure of the Unicer Company had a executive committee heading the structure with the functions of the legal department, the function of communication and institutional relations, innovation and quality as well as the Human resources following the Executive committee. The other functions pertaining to the production, operations, marketing, sales, international management, finance, etc all formed the third tire in the structure. The management structure of the SCC Company on the other had the CEO heading the company with an advisory and legal committee aiding the CEO. This was followed by the second tier which formed the functions of the company pertaining to the sales, marketing, HR & internal communication, operations and finance.

The international marketing efforts of the brands for the Unicer Company pertain to taking the standard product which exist in the local market and marketing them to the international market. Aside from this the company also has launched new products as well as variants of its global brands which satisfy the diversified demands of the international markets as well. The SCC Company however has been utilizing the marketing strategy as adopted by the Scottish & Newcastle groups. The advertising and the promotion of the brands is conducted by both the countries through advertisements in the mass media as well as through the promotion in the distribution and value china channels in the different markets.

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Essay: Management of Unicer Vs SSC Company
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