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The managers must take appropriate actions to remove any discrepancies in order to ensure smooth completion of a project. It is true that resources can constrain the project schedule. Resources might cause problems and prevent the completion of an activity. People can have communication problems and this might cause conflicts and misunderstandings that shift the focus of people from the work to other things which in turn cause delays in the completion of n activity. Therefore a control mechanism is essential for successful implementation of the system (Koontz & Bradspies, 1972).

Most importantly I would have made sure the frequent change of the project manager is avoided since that contributed in the project delay and the failure in implementation. In my opinion they should have planned and been more vigilant in purchasing such expensive licenses. Therefore, I would have taken these basic steps in order to ensure the success of the implementation of ERP system at Maxima (Merchant, 1982).

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Essay: Management’s Responsibilities in ERP Implementation
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