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The market analysis of the Anheuser Busch for its sales has depicted that the company sells more than 70 percent of its beer based products within the United Statesonly. “During the fiscal year ending 2006, company generated approximately 74.8% of its total revenue from the domestic beer segment. In contrast the other three segments accounted for only 25.2 % of the total revenue during the same period. Strong dependence on a particular segment increases the business risk of the company thereby putting it in a competitive disadvantage.” (‘Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc.’, 2007)

The consolidated financial statements for Anheuser Busch have shown that the financial indicators for the company in the past five years from 2003 to 2007 pertained to return on equity of 64.0 percent and a return on assets of 12.9 percent. The overall sales for the company has grown as depicted by the increasing revenue from sale, however the costs of operations for the company have also grown resulting decreasing performance of the company in the market. The marked reduction in the ROE and the ROA in 2007 as compared to previous years is an indicator of this.

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Essay: Market analysis of Anheuser Busch
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