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The automobile industry has been analyzed in terms of the political, social, economical, demographic as well as technological and legal forces hat act upon the industry. Aside from this the industry had also been analyzed in terms of its performance.

Political Environment

Since the 1960s the automobile industry has been greatly affected by the rules and regulation developed and enforced by the countries. Moreover a standard of performance has also emerged to which all the companies are supposed to comply with. These laws pertain to motor vehicle safety, the control of emissions and the carbon footprint of the industries manufacturing the automobiles.

In terms of demographics the children of the baby boomers are the main target market of the automobile manufacturers worldwide. This segment is currently described as being in their 20s and 30s and is termed as the generation Y and the generation X. In fact they are currently accountable for about 40 percent of the automobile purchases taking place.  Moreover the type of the cars manufactured and specifically sold to the consumers living in the geographical regions, where the type of car is most suitable for transport.

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Essay: Market Analysis of Automobile Industry
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