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The airline industry hosted by the United States is one of the largest segments of the global aviation industry. The share of the US airline industry accounts for about 40 percent of the market “The US has the largest airlines industry, accounting for 39.7% of the global industry’s value” (Airlines Industry Profile:United States, 2005, p3). The airlines segment of the aviation industry has been greatly affected by the events of the September 9/11 after which the consumer confidence in flying to their travel destination greatly decreased.

Compiled with the increased security standards mandated by the government as well as the decreased traffic overall in the industry, the growth of the airline industry has been stunted the past few years. The market value of the industry in 2005 was such that “the United Statesairlines industry grew by 5.6% in 2004 to reach a value of $116.3 billion” (Airlines Industry Profile:United States, 2005, p3). In terms of volume the “the United States airlines industry grew by 8.3% in 2004 to reach a volume of 698.7 million passengers” (Airlines Industry Profile:United States, 2005, p3). In the future the airline industry is projected to have a gradual increase in value.  “In 2009, the United Statesairlines industry is forecast to have a value of $139.2 billion, an increase of 19.7% since 2004” (Airlines Industry Profile:United States, 2005, p3).

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Essay: Market Analysis of aviation industry
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