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Market analysis for the global brands however also indicates that as the global brands become exclusive form the company and are able to stand as a whole entity in their own right in the market, they are often targeted negatively by affinity action groups as well as critics and radical markets. They are subject to much criticism about their operations, as well as on any negative impact they might be having on their markets in the international scenario. In such circumstances the companies have to be supportive of their global brands.

“Rather than ignore the global characteristics of their brands, firms must learn to manage those characteristics. That’s critical, because future growth for most companies will likely come from foreign markets. Consumers base preferences on three dimensions of global brands-quality (signaled by a company’s global stature); the cultural myths that brands author; and firms’ efforts to address social problems.” (Holt, Quelch & Taylor, 2004)

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Essay: Market analysis of Global Brewing Brands
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