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The main players in the airline industry are AMR Corporation, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines Inc., Southwest Airlines, UAL Corporation, and US Airways Group Inc. All of these are major carriers that operate in theUSas well as in the international markets. They provide services for international travel as well as regional short hall travel in specific locations.

                The market analysis of the airline industry and the aviation market has depicted that while there are many contenders in the industry that offer products and services for long hall travel, when it comes to executive short all travel, few companies offer such services, particularly in the region ofNew York. Even the companies that do provide such services are weighed down in terms of their revenues and profits due to low traffic that are put off with the low service quality standards for the short hall flights. As a result while there is a need for short hall carriers specifically between the high traffic metropolitan cities ofNew YorkandWashington, the consumer’s in these regions do not have access to a facility which combines comfort safety and high level of quality for short hall.

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Essay: Market Analysis of Short-Hall Airline
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