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The market entry strategy that has been selected for entering the clock & watch industry in the Czech Republic pertains to that of acquisition and merger. The Quartz Company will seek to establish itself in theCzech Republicby acquiring a local clock & watch dealer or retailer company which has significant experience and position in the local market. The reason as to why this option has been selected is because this strategy allows the Quartz Company to establish its brand in the region while also making use of the resources and information technology that was being used by the local acquisitioned company.

This will allow the Quartz Company to operate in the local market with significant knowledge about the market dynamics, the role of the consumers the power of the suppliers a swell as the rivalry and position of the different firms operating in the region. This will require significant investment of capital on part of the company but the Quartz Company will also be able to attain significant market knowledge and experienced management through acquisition that are knowledgeable about managing clock & watch operations in the market.

This provides the Quartz Company the chance to establish its brand name and position itself in the Czech industry for clock & watch. The market scenario is positive for the entrance of the Gourmet Company making it a profitable venture to invest in this market.

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Essay: Market entry strategy by Quartz Company
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