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The operation of the Gourmet Company will be such that it is going to acquire a local company operating in the market. The business process of the acquisitioned company will be revaluated according to the business processes of the Gourmet Company and the required changes in the information systems, functional departments as well as the basic operations of the business will be made. The store layout for the retail stores of the Quartz Company inCzech Republicwill be set up according to the standard set by the Quartz Company in other regions of operations as well as according to the company’s global strategy. Somewhat customization in the store layout will be provided to allow for molding the store to the requirements of the local consumers in the market and make them much more consumer friendly and attractive.

The existing presence of the acquired local company in the Czech Republic and its timepiece industry will allow the Quartz Company to manage the business registration and commencement with the local government. This will ease the company and business registration process with the government of the Czech Republic. The company will also establish links and relationships with the local and international suppliers operating in the Czech retail market for timepieces to acquire the best quality of raw materials available in the most efficient and profit maximizing prices.

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Essay: Market Positioning by Quartz Company
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