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Aside from this however, the local market or the country of origin also effects the internationalization of the company. This dissertation is focused on the companies of Unicer and SCC both of which are Portuguese companies which have entered international markets. According to physic proximity, the companies’ first chose to expand to the region ofEuropeand internationalize their operations and marketing efforts to the European region.

However the acceptance of like pattern and similar products in the international markets of Americas and the Asia Pacific led the companies to invest in operations and marketing of the brands in these regions as well. However the product selection or the product offering provided in the different regions differ according to the demand presented by the market and the popularity of the product based and demographic, cultural and environmental factors.

The internationalization efforts of the two companies, Unicer and SCC are different in the manner that Unicer focused on the global beverage market and started introducing its products, specifically Beer and alcoholic drinks to major countries in the international market where similar products were already being sold. However the company of SCC took a more regionalized approach to internationalization and went about initiating the internationalization process by targeting specific large international markets only. This has resulted in the fact that the company is much constrained and smaller in volume and size as compared to Unicer on both the international and the Portuguese markets.

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Essay: Market Selection and Internationalisation
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