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Our initial strategy had to be changed during the game to remain profitable over the years and also to ensure growth of the company. It is also meeting the need of the hour due to which the change in the initial strategy was inevitable and essential for growth.

Year 2 to 5 Plan

Year 2: This year is going to be reasonably better since we are now aware of the needs of the customer and with the market information we shall be able to provide better quality and a good sales promotion strategy can help to sell with profits.

Year 3: This year will show that Premeter 3 has gained good brand equity in the educational user segment so we shall begin targeting the managers and the typists that is the business users segment.

Year 4: This year will see a slight change in strategy since the focus from taking over the market share will move to the product and new features will be added to the product to meet the customer needs plus the expenditure on advertisement shall rise because the new features will have to be highlighted.

Year 5: This year we shall focus on price that is provide low cost products to drive sales.

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Essay: Marketing Game for Premeter 3
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