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The marketing mix comprises of the four P’s specific to product it self, the promotion, the positioning of the products and the brand as well as the pricing strategy.

The product has already been described as a collection of product lines of clocks, time princes, watches and jewelry items which will be provided in to the mass consumer market in the Czech Republic.  The packaging of the products however would be done using sophisticated and innovative packaging made form recycled and recyclable material to promote green operation of the company in the region as well as comply with the consumer action groups in the Czech Republic

The promotion for the business would be brand based focusing on the brand name of Quartz using mass communications medium as well as above the line and below the line marketing strategies. The products would be provided in the market under the brand name of Quartz wherever applicable. A co-branding strategy can be employed in the future for specific Quartz brands and the complementary products like sports brands, bag and shoes brands where the local Czech sports, shoes and handbag/leather goods retailers be marketed together. This strategy can also be employed for co-branding with the super markets in the region like Marks and Spencer’s.

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Essay: Marketing Mix in Czech Republic
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