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The marketing mix for any company basically consists of the four P’s of marketing these pertain to the product which is offered, the price at which it is offered, the place where it is made available to the customer and the promotion that is being employed in order to inform the customer about the presence of the product and attract them.

Aside from this additionally the three more factors are involved in the marketing mix. These pertain to the people who are employed for customer interaction, the processes with which the business operates and the physical location of the retail store or the premises like a flagship brand store.

Product The product which is offered to them is the standard product; however the packaging and the instructions on the product clearly indicate the brand logo as well as the natural components. Additionally claims are also provided for anti animal testing The product which is offered to them is a specialized product. This product is adjusted and specifically made to fit the requirements and the demands for reducing apparent signs of aging in the customers.

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Essay: Marketing Mix of Body Shop
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