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The product that is going to be dealt with operations inCanadafor Oilpec Inc is crude oil. The company is going to be dealing with extraction, exploration, refining and distribution of crude oil.

The price of the products manufactured by Oilpec would be kept low to encourage trade in the product and create a niche for the company in the competitive market.

The position of the region of Canada is such that it is somewhat difficult to extract oil form the reserves, however the placement of the products can done in such a way through marketing strategies that it would be available to the local industrial customers and consumers. The availability to the consumers can be provided through oil pumps located in different cities and street location in Canada.

The promotions would be conducted through industry journals as well as mass communications media, employing above the line marketing techniques a well as below the line marketing activities. The promotions would be formulated in French as well as English to cater to the different characteristics of the target market.

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Essay: Marketing Mix of Oilpec Inc
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