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The target markets for the products to be manufactured by Oilpec Inc include all oil consumers in the international market.

There exists intense competition in the industry for exploration, manufacture and distribution of crude oil in Canada and this requires a unique marketing strategy for the product by Oilpec Inc. The company seeks to employ the strategy for providing the consumers of crude oil with the resource at low prices.

The mission of OilPec Inc is to provide oil at affordable prices.  This is a necessary objective and mission in today’s society.  OilPec Inc is trying to go abroad with their oil, and they know that they have to be able to gain allegiance through pricing.  Oil is an expensive item in today’s world and therefore OilPec Inc wants to undercut their competition with pricing and a quality product.  OilPec knows that if they are able to do this in the market that they already inhabit, that their reputation will follow as they try to enter into new markets.  OilPec Inc knows it is a necessity to protect their reputation.  The only way this is going to be done is to still provide the same quality of oil.  After the good quality has been established, then they can introduce their lower pricing to the world.

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Essay: Marketing Plan analysis of Oilpec Inc
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