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The research made use of a multiple research formats to comprehensively research on the topic at hand about the role of children as consumers with relevance to the fast food market. For the purpose of the research we indulged in literature survey of the material already available in the marketing journals. Aside form this relevant peer reviewed articles were chosen to conduct the literature review on. The information available on the industry of the fast food restaurant and dining was mainly collected form economy statistic pages as well as form country and industry reports. The search for the articles for the literature review was conducted through the article database of Ebscohost.

Aside form the literature review the research also focused on independent interviews of respondents including children as well as parents as well as a survey of a close questioned questionnaire from the respondents. The respondents of the research were mainly children; however the parents were also surveyed and interviewed to determine the influences that the children pose as decision makers for products especially in the fast foods category.

The analysis of the material gathered through the literature review and the interviews and survey made use of qualitative as well as quantitative methods of analysis. Simple statistical methodologies and extrapolations were employed in order to conclude results from the data collected in the primary research while qualitative methodology was adopted for interviewed and literature review. In order to keep the integrity of the data and allow for errors and omissions extra respondents were surveys moreover an unbiased perspective on the research was adopted to make it free form affects of personal bias of the topic and allow or a comprehensive realistic picture of the market.

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Essay: Marketing Research Methodology
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