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“Singapore Airlines intends to test its “in-flight gaming” on routes from Singapore to London and Hong Kong towards the end of the year. Interactive entertainment systems will allow passengers to gamble between the safety demonstration and the film. British Airways plans to install a system on all its long-haul flights (except to theUnited States, where sky-high gambling would be illegal) in the next six to nine months.” (‘Gracious living,Singaporestyle’, 1996)

Aside from this the company has also launched a program by which the company is now selling tickets for travel and tourism through line portals. The advancement of communication technology and the internet plays a huge role in the facilitation of this service. The online sale of tickets reduces the costs for the company in terms of infrastructure and staff employed and increases convenience for the customers which aids in increasing their customer satisfaction level. Aside from this the “Singapore Airlines Ltd. is the first customer for a Boeing in flight airplane monitoring system that will help airlines reduce flight-schedule interruptions. Boeing Commercial Aviation Services has been developing the service, known as Airplane Health Management (AHM), since 2002.” (‘BOEING –SingaporeIs First Customer for Health Management System’, 2004)

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Essay: Marketing Strategies adopted by Singapore Airlines
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