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The marketing strategy of the Parker Company needs to be derived from its top level of management. The global marketing strategy for the company needs to be uniform and cater to the global audience. The product specific marketing strategies of the company however need to be adjusted to the region of operation and the market which the company is targeting. This would result in the product specific marketing strategies to be more oriented towards regional and local markets, catering to their needs, and their specific motivators. The sense of the marketing strategy for the company however needs to be universal and maintained in all its different products and brands.

The role of the advertising strategies that are hired and employed by the Parker Company will essentially be focused towards the regional marketing and positioning initiatives for the company. However the agencies need to be handled and controlled by the company and not the other way round. The case depicts that the advertising agencies conduct the marketing activities and positioning of the products for the company. This increases discrepancy in the company and its product positioning in the different markets as well as portrays a confused product marketing strategy to the consumers.

The role of the agencies needs to be identified and derived from the centralized headquarters of the company in the US to maintain control over the operations of the company and its market positioning in the different regions and markets of operation.

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Essay: Marketing Strategy adopted by Parker Company
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