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The growth in mobile marketing segment can be greatly attributed to the growth of the mobile phones and the hand held mobile devices themselves. “The evolution from slow second-generation (2G) phones, through 2.5G to 3G has enabled increasingly rich media. He also noted that SMS or text messaging has been a weapon of choice for mobile marketers since 2001” (Rosen, 2006).

In the case of mobile phones, the last decade has seen a flurry of activity and development with the new developed cell phones having the capability of online streaming, video & sound capturing, real time publishing to the extent of being equivalent to a personal computer for business use and entertainment for use on the go. “As brands try to rush into the space without giving thought to the intrusive nature of the medium, agencies are taking on the role of guiding them through the options.” (Goff, 2004)

The main markets for mobile marketing pertain to the United States, United King,South Asia and Asia Pacific. Of these extensive developments and proliferation have already been made in the Asia Pacific and in the UK based markets. In 2004, the mobile messaging in Europe was worth €176.8 million. “From 2005 when the nascent market garnered $255 million in Europe and theUnited States, mobile marketing and advertising in these two geographical areas will  grow to exceed $1 billion in 2009, provided certain elements fall into place.” (‘Mobileadvertising and marketing: Market analysis and forecasts 2006-2011’, 2006)

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Essay: Marketing Success through Mobile
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