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In a marketing conference a few years ago the head of licensing for DreamWorks was saying, “We got so much demand for Shrek nursery products–bedding, mobiles, crib apparatus–that we decided that this would be a good time for Shrek to have a baby.” And lo and behold, Shrek 3 was born. I don’t think that anybody thinks that Shrek 3 has anything particularly educational to offer. The world of babies and toddlers really did not look like this even 15 years ago.” (‘Is Elmo Evil? Book Says Babies Are Brainwashed’, 2007)

Another issue that is raised in terms of the fast food market and the children as consumers of the fast food market is that the increase in the consumption of fast food is by the children specially is caused mostly due to insufficient supply of ready to eat food available at home and the, the excess money available to them and the feasibility of going out with friends and consuming fast food at local joints and retailer outlets. Aside from this the specific marketing strategies that are employed by the fast food retailers in the market also tend to attract the children form an early age discouraging the consumption of a much healthier diet by them. The company however which has been most often targeted in this market is McDonalds which has had to suffer innumerable suits and damages for obesity and health related problem amongst both the adults and the children.

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Essay: Marketing Tactics targeting Children
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