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The company has also previously use the mobile marketing technology to provide the delivery of prize redemption coupons to its customers and to carry out two way conversations between their in-game characters and the customer. Another communication service provider the Virgin Mobile has also made use of the mobile marketing channel to market its products as well as to carry out CRM based activities for establishing customer relations and keeping in touch with them “The company Virgin Mobile has strengthened the company B’lowfish Advertising’s hold on its Great Britain-based business by handing it a six million pound direct marketing and promotional projects assignment for building the network’s direct sales activity. B’lowfish also exploited opportunities for data capture including targeting consumers at its road shows leveraging the brand’s sponsorship of Team Virgin Mobile in British Superbike Championships to be held in 2003.” (‘Virgin Mobile in direct sales drive through B’lowfish’, 2003)

As of March 2005, the mobile developing company Silk Mobile and the billing company named Bango have provided their customers with the option of making shopping purchases through their mobile devices. The “will see the service being marketed include music, retail and media brands that want to be able to connect with customers on their mobiles through a branded storefront portal. By integrating Bango’s access and billing technology with Silk’s on-handset portals, the two companies hope to attract content owners to the service, offering them the chance to move away from one-off sales to a mobile browse-and-buy experience.” (Brooks, 2005)

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Essay: Marketing through Mobile Devices
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