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People tend to own more than one web enabled hand held mobile devices, and this number can be higher to owning a personal computer or a laptop. Moreover the people mostly do not carry their personal computers and even laptops around with them everywhere, whereby mobile phones and other hand held devices mentioned earlier care very compact, making it possible for people to carry them around every where.

This increased the chances of the target market or audience reading or being delivered the advertisement or the promotional message making the marketing channel very cost effective. “The medium gets really interesting when you start considering its potential for personalisation. This will mean mobile advertising served directly to people’s phones, based on who they are, where they are and what they’re doing. So far, this sort of targeting has taken place via multimedia messages, MMS, which contain rich media such as video, audio and colour pictures” (Bonello, 2006).  Due to these reasons many product and service providers as well as retailers are taking to mobile device based marketing to support their marketing campaigns.

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Essay: Marketing through Mobile Devices
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