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The company has been operating in a competitive environment with other similar sites offering similar services like the DatingDirect in UK and the personal dating options and portals provided by large internet companies like Yahoo and MSN. Aside from this the company is also facing increased pressures from community based online forums and web listings like Facebook and MySpace. In the face of this competition as well as the changes taking place in the industry and the changing requirements of the customers, has changed its strategy for marketing by heavily indulging in above the line (ATL) strategies and activities.

The pervious marketing strategy that was adopted by the company for pertained to advertising on the internet on different forums, websites as well as through search engine optimization. Moreover the company was also trying to create a live experience for an offline activity for its members. The company as a result sought to advertise on television as well through the radio and the outdoor medium. The company offered successful couples who met through to come on TV during peak airing times. This built the reputation and the integrity of the brand for aside form this money shot based live campaigns were launched to support the advertising and marketing activities of the company. However, due to extensive competition in the market, on television as well as on the internet the company has had to rethink its marketing strategy. Instead now the company is going for a more proactive and planned marketing strategy.

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Essay: facing competition
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