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The new strategy for the company is to extensively invest by millions in the media planning for its new marketing strategy and promote online dating as a more socially acceptable form of dating than it has been till now. Aside from this the company is also focusing on extensively advertising on the ATL medium in order to launch its new campaign and change the image of the company in the market.

“Observers say the move is indicative of an industry aiming for the mainstream and expects rivals to follow suit. Initiative was appointed to the brief, replacing M2M, following a four-way pitch and follows the promotion of marketing director Jason Stockwood to managing director in January this year. Stockwood was also appointed as marketing director last year to oversee a shift in strategy, including an increased advertising budget and a greater focus on above-the-line advertising.” (O’Flaherty, 2008) Through the analysis of the strategy for is a result of careful planning and proactive thinking instead of simply an emergency response to competition. Moreover the company is also investing in making online dating exclusive by getting new customers through an invite only process.

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Essay:’s change in Strategy
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