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Often fluorescent lighting is used to highlight the prints, especially those which are latent in order to make them visible. This light is absorbed into substances to highlight prints. “A high-intensity light source is required to induce fluorescence from fingerprints. There are many types; lasers, filtered arc-lamps and LEDs are among the most commonly used. We intend to produce a standardized way to compare how effective the different light sources are for the detection of chemically treated fingerprints.” (‘Finger Prints and Footwear Marks’)

Reagents are used by the forensic investigators to lift finger prints from blood. These reagents tend to enhance the fingerprints which are formed in the blood. These reagents come in three types. Two are used on porous surfaced while the third is used on non porous surfaces. Aside from this iron filling is also used with the aid of magnetic brushes to identify, nd develop finger prints. Usually soft round brushes are used to highlight finger prints with powder in order to enhance them.

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Essay: Materials Used in Fingerprinting
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