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In the maturity stage of the product lifecycle the business operations pertaining to the product are concerned with maintaining the high position of the product in the market in terms of sales and brand positioning. The increasing rate of the sales diminished in the maturity phase as all the people who were to buy the product and adopt it have already done so. The sales as a result are only triggered due to repeat purchases by the current customers for the product.

The business operations as a result pertain to enhancing the features of the product for further differentiating it from its competition. The pricing of the products is affected at this stage and can be decreased tin order to make the product attractive in presence of its new competitors. The distribution strategy employed by the business is and pushing and pulling strategies are adopted by the business in order to encourage the presence of the product in the various distribution channels available. Going with the theme of this phase, even the promotion strategy of the product is aimed at differentiating the product form its competitors in the market.

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Essay: Maturity Stage of the Product Lifecycle
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