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The Vioxx controversy and the resultant call back raised issues amongst the customers and the market pertaining to the brand image and the reputation of the company. By mismanaging the issue, the company subjected itself to suspicion whether other drugs provided by the company which had achieved FDA approval were also harmful with significant side effects which have not been made public.

The drug called Fosamax for osteoporosis was also subjected to suspicion mostly due to the controversy surrounding the Vioxx. Aside from this the principles of the Merck as a company also were brought under suspicion as being questionable. The stock prices of the company were also significantly hit with their share value in the market declining considerably which indicated the loss of company reputation amongst the stakeholders of Merck. Moreover the reputation of the drug industry as a whole was also questioned in lieu of the high drug prices and the high risks that were involved with taking the drugs.

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Essay: Merck’s Brand Reputation after Vioxx controversy
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